Stay Safe at Work

On April 15, 2020, we received a visit from the Department of Labor and Transmigration of DKI Jakarta when supervising the implementation of the Large Scale Social Restrictions.  We were named as the only company among 106 inspected as of then, who did not receive any warnings or directed to conduct corrective actions to comply with the rules and regulations.

We earned that status because we took extraordinary steps and followed protocols of the Department of Labor and Transmigration (Disnakertrans) to protect our workforce.   Starting 13 March, we began instituting and following policies aimed to protect the safety and welfare of our employees.

The actions we took include, but are not limited to:

  • Mandatory 14-day quarantine of any employee showing any signs of a cold or a flue
  • Minimum of twice-daily temperature measurement of all employees.
  • Every employee must wear masks, and other PPEs depending on the nature of their work.
  • We have given hand sanitizers to all our staff and placed dispensers throughout our facilities, encouraging employees to use them frequently.
  • To minimize outside contact once employees are in our facilities, we are offering free lunch service, brought in.
  • We have reduced staff attendance by more that 50% in our offices and plant.
  • Where employees could not work from home, we continue to compensate them in full.
  • We have re-worked our manufacturing process by converting to rolling shifts to minimize the number of employees in our facilities.
  • Employee seating and space usage has been revised to create additional distance. This includes taking over executive floors and client meeting rooms.
  • An external firm specializing in deep cleaning has been hired to periodically disinfect all our facilities.
  • Employees received frequent emails and electronic messages with reminders of best hygiene practices.
  • Posters regarding guides for health and hygiene regulations are placed in strategic locations so all employees are made aware of all our requirements.
  • All business travel has been restricted.
  • We invested in additional computers and technology to allow for remote work, work at home and easier virtual meeting with clients and staff.
  • Employees using public transit have been asked to work from home.
  • In the absence of supply in the market, our R&D developed a hand sanitizer we now manufacture which we give to employees.
  • Our management team regularly reminds employees in video messages that we must stay diligent in our fight to minimize the spread of the virus.