Vendor Management

We maintain relationships with some of the leading global and domestic suppliers to fulfill our mission of producing the highest quality products. Our relationships are based on trust. Many of our key vendors have supplied us for several decades now, with at least three major suppliers with us for over 40 years.


Vendor Management Policy Highlights

We believe sound and clear ethical standards are key to developing and maintaining good vendor relations. When dealing with vendors, our employees must at minimum adhere to our own policies and rules, or those of our vendors, when they are more strict.
Vendor Relations Summary Policy

  • Mowilex employees may not accept gifts from vendors, other than those with nominal value, or small value items that can be shared or consumed by other employees
  • Vendor-paid entertainment (e.g., theater, golf or sporting event attendance) is not allowed absent a legitimate business purpose and pre-approval by a Director
  • Vendor-paid travel and lodging is not allowed absent a legitimate business purpose and pre-approval by a Director
  • Vendor-paid meals may be accepted in limited circumstances and in adherence with the requirements of this policy, including disclosure of the meal to your manager before or, if unforeseen circumstances occur, promptly after the meal.
  • Vendor-paid training may occur if there is a legitimate business purpose and the training is attended by the Vendor. The training should not incorporate any type of entertainment, and any meals provided at the training must be reasonable. Any Vendor-paid training at a branch, or store must be pre-approved by a Regional Manager or a Division Head.

Health and Safety Standards


We require our vendors to have workplace health and safety policies, as we do.  Our vendors must follow Safe Work Procedures (SWP) procedures, promote accident free work environments and  comply with all hazardous waste handling rules and regulations.   We require:

  • SWPs specific to the handling dangerous goods and hazardous substances
  • Safety information, including availability of Safety Data Sheets
  • Appropriate training and Personal Protective Equipment be provided to employees who may be exposed to dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

Environmental Sustainability


Mowilex is committed to reducing its environmental footprint in areas such as energy, waste and water as well as driving progress toward a circular economy. We expect our vendors to support us in achieving our goals and to set themselves targets that are as ambitious as our own.

As a Mowilex supplier, you must always comply with applicable environmental legislation and strive to minimise your environmental impact.


Becoming A Vendor to Mowilex


We encourage suppliers of raw materials, packaging products and general supplies, as well as consultants, to contact our Purchasing Division.

All vendors looking to supply and serve Mowilex must complete a vendor approval process, which includes disclosing information about ownership, financial positions, number of years in business, environmental risk management, and other criteria.

If you are interested to become a Mowilex supplier and fulfill the above requirements, please fill in the form by clicking on the link below: