About Us


PT Mowilex Indonesia, a subsidiary of Asia Coatings Enterprises, Pte. Ltd., is a leading producer of premium paints and coatings.


Mowilex products were first introduced in 1970 and the company has received numerous awards and accolades over the years. The manufacturer has been a pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly practices from day one, being the first to manufacture water-based paints in Indonesia.  We have a long history of corporate social responsibility and are committed to preserving and protecting the environment where we operate.


We stake claim for number of firsts in our market, including:

  • The first to manufacture water-based paints in Indonesia
  • The first manufacturer to switch from selling paints in volume, not weight
  • First carbon neutral paint company and first carbon neutral manufacturer in Indonesia
  • First company to set voluntary VOC labeling standards based on air quality regulations in the U.S. state of California


Commitment To Quality

We believe investment in quality is never in vain.  We don’t compromise and strive to be the best, and extend that goal to everything we do, from following Good Manufacturing Practices, to being a good corporate citizen in all the communities we operate.  All our products are developed so that our customers can beautify and protect their properties because we know form and function are not mutually exclusive.


Corporate Citizenship

Being a good corporate citizen is a leadership position we have held since our early days, and it is deeply rooted in our company culture.  Since our funding hundreds of schools, parks and faith organizations have been supported by Mowilex.


In 2018 alone we conducted over 125 charity activities, supplying paints and other coating materials to schools, town halls, and faith organizations.    In 2019, we donated more than 50,000 liters of paint in over 200 CSR projects.


More than 10 years ago we were a supporter of the effort to protect the Sumatran rhino.  From 2019 until 2024, with the help of our parent company and Conservation International, we will be protecting a 1500 KM2 bay in Sumbawa to protect the endangered whale shark and develop sustainable eco-tourism in the area.  This is a five-year commitment that has been prefunded.


Other activities in the recent past have included over 1,000 hours of volunteerism by our employees to paint Rawinala, a care facility for children with multiple disabilities.  We also sent 18 tons of food and hygienic products to disaster stricken Palu that was packed, transported and distributed by our own volunteer employees.