Mowilex Page Report Findings

The Reporter is a party from both the internal and external environments of PT Mowilex Indonesia (e.g., the general public, vendors, customers, and other stakeholders) who provide information about incidents or indications of violations through the channels provided by PT Mowilex Indonesia.

The parties reported in this report include the Board of Directors and all employees of PT Mowilex Indonesia, including outsourced employees within the environment of PT Mowilex Indonesia.

All reports of violations from both internal and external parties, whether the Reporter includes their identity or remains anonymous, can be further processed as long as they provide strong, accountable evidence and do not lead to defamation. To facilitate the communication and clarification process, it is advisable for the Reporter to include at least:

a. The Reporter’s name (anonymous reporting is allowed).

b. Phone number or email address for contact.

c. The report should include the following elements:

  1. Where did the alleged violation/incident occur?
  2. When did the alleged violation/incident occur?
  3. Which Mowilex employee committed the alleged violation/incident?
  4. How was the alleged violation/incident committed?

1. Violations of the laws and regulations in Indonesia.

2. Company Regulations and Code of Ethics.

3. Internal policies of PT Mowilex Indonesia.

4. Conflicts of interest.

5. Other fraudulent actions that result in losses for PT Mowilex Indonesia, both financial and non-financial.

6. Other reports, such as complaints, suggestions, ideas, and others related to the internal controls of PT Mowilex Indonesia.

  1. Assurance of the confidentiality of the Reporter’s identity and the content of the report provided.
  2. Assurance of protection against any adverse treatment of the Reporter.
  3. Assurance of protection from the possibility of threats, intimidation, punishment, or other unpleasant actions by the Accused.

Communication with the Reporter is carried out through the Mowilex.WBS Management Team led by the Internal Audit Department Head. During this communication, the Reporter will receive updates on the status of the handling of the reported case, including whether the report is being followed up or not.

If the investigation results conclude that the complaint submitted contains elements of bad faith, false evidence, defamation, or lacks a clear basis or evidence, the Mowilex.WBS Management Team has the right to terminate the investigation process.

The available channels for reporting violations are:

  1. Written correspondence to the address:PT Mowilex Indonesia, Jl. Raya Daan Mogot No.2a, Kedaung Kali Angke, Cengkareng District, West Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 11710.Attention: Internal Audit Department Head.
  2. Mowilex.WBS boxes: Available at the Head Office of PT Mowilex Indonesia and the Cikande Factory.
  3. Website:
  4. Email at
  5. Phone/SMS/WhatsApp at 08111-90-888-01