Wall - Supporting Material
Mowilex Alcabond
Alcabond is a special bonding agent with high adhesive power and excellent plastic characteristics to avoid cracks from occurring on the wall.
Wall - Instant
Mowilex Alcaplast
Alcaplast is a dry mixture of cement, silica floor, copolymer material and other additives resulting in a perfect compound for mixing purposes when blended with water. An alternate of the regular traditional cement which in the end resulting in the appearance of wall cracks and longer drying time.
Wall - Supporting Material
Mowilex Alcaproof
Alcaproof is an anti-leak waterproof formula with two main components. It has excellent adhesive power and waterproof function.
Wall - Conventional
Mowilex Alcasit
Alcasit is a cement additive material which holds up water concentrate on the surface, preventing it from sagging.
Wall - Supporting Material
Mowilex Alcasmooth
Alcasmooth is a surface polishing material with high adhesive power, a solid structure and an outstanding durability against climate. Mowilex Alcasmooth protects the outlook of your building.
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